New whitepaper: What really matters in the automotive customer journey

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2 min readJun 4, 2019

A new, comprehensive study has validated what we have learned through our many years of experience working with the leading automotive brands in the Nordics: most automotive employees interact differently with customers — from country to country, from dealer to dealer and from employee to employee.

They do so because they lack the knowledge about what really matters. They simply don’t know what to prioritize and what comes first. Despite having detailed and well-documented sales and service processes, dealers are not aware of exactly how each subprocess affects overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Not all processes are equally important

Our extensive research shows that all customer touch points are not equally important. This is positive, since it gives us the opportunity to prioritize exactly what is most important. Having examined the whole automotive customer journey, we can say that — across sales and aftersales — the most important process is closing the customer experience.

Prioritize closing the experiences

That is, within sales you need to prioritize the handover; and in after sales, you should prioritize the check-out process. We have found that since most dealers lack this uniform perception of what is most important, they miss out on these vital touchpoints — since interactions with customer are not designed optimally.

Download the whitepaper here, or read it below:



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