Employee engagement has in the last couple of years become a key driver of business success. Highly engaged employees feel passionate about their organization, enjoy coming to work, and have a full understanding of their jobs and of how their work contributes to the success of their business.

Having engaged employees is essential in the automotive industry, as it has been proven that higher engagement is associated with higher productivity, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and overall performance.

But where do you start? Read on to find out how ag analytics can help you drive employee engagement in your organization.

What is employee engagement?


We keep hearing it, it is the struggle that most automotive brands face and a significant hindrance when reducing organizational complexity. But why has implementing and operationalizing strategy become the number one pain that no one seems to be able to relieve?

In however way this issue is looked upon brands always seem to stumble across the same answer; An unavoidable difference in perspectives between the importer and dealerships remains a divide, parting strategy and execution.

Translating the strategic into the everyday

So, what is the trap that so many fall into? Assumptions that heavy-weighing trends within the industry are the established path towards success leaves…

Inflexible IT infrastructures pose an obstacle on the way ahead. Picture by Travis Saylor

Complex IT infrastructures pose a roadblock on the way ahead for automotive dealerships. Despite facing an uncertain future and needing fast execution, dealers remain inflexible and locked-in. Traditionally, dealers have been forced to undertake painful and enduring integrations to adopt new tech solutions. Yet, a new smarter way of adopting new tech solutions is on the rise; seamlessly connecting rather than painfully integrating.

Autonomous driving, Connected cars, Electrification and Shared mobility (ACES) have throughout the recent years become some of the hottest topics within the automotive industry. These ACES trends are currently setting the agenda for development activities for OEMs…

Front-line employees all work closely with customers, and thus have a share in creating sales, sustaining customer loyalty, and guaranteeing differentiation. If managed correctly, the human touch can be optimized through behavioral change, both driving efficiency and unlocking significant potential. Yet, many organizations struggle to implement desired behavior, and thus unintentionally jeopardize customer retention and decrease sales opportunities. A deep dive on behavioral change rooted in a data-driven approach is often required in order to unlock full potential. Typically, only a few behavioral changes can have a massive impact.

Behavioral change is not a one-shot attempt, still employees are often…

Adapting to a changed landscape

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the automotive sector, forcing brands to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Car sales across Europe were off to a slow start in 2020, with sales dropping by 7.6% in January followed by 7% in February compared to a year prior.


The automotive industry is changing. Rapidly.

The digital transformation changes not only the customer experience and interaction, but the vehicle itself. Cars are more connected than ever; Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is rapidly gaining traction and an increasing part of interactions with customers shifts from physical to digital. And still, the human touch remains critical.

Simultaneously, trends such as electrification, shared mobility and autonomous driving have the power to fundamentally change how people move from point A to B. …

Setting the right habits is the road map to success

Implementing non-negotiables aimed at crucial customer touch-points has set the right habits throughout the organization. As a result, a customer-centered culture continues to guarantee Sewell’s success.

Customers don’t remember what you told them, they remember how you made them feel. When initially walking into a dealership, customers make subconscious decisions within fractions of seconds, why having the right processes and people in place is crucial. A non-negotiable is set to make customer feel welcome and comfortable, as all customers must be greeted within 30 seconds upon arriving. …


Source: Volkswagen Danmark

Every great innovation starts with discovery and exploration. But when you start exploring a new business idea, whether being a start-up or an incumbent, you usually find yourself in a space of very high uncertainty. You don’t know if your idea will work. So you start mapping out the idea; continuously designing and redesigning the idea until you have something that looks like a viable value proposition. But either of these things will make your idea a certain success.

In fact, 72% of all new product initiatives flop

That makes your chances of succeeding with your new idea less than…

Photo by Lucas Gallone on Unsplash

Losing customers is never pleasant. You’ve probably experienced it before; a customer canceling her subscription, choosing another product over yours, or firing you following a bad experience.

Though unpleasant, every lost customer left for a reason. They possess valuable information on how to prevent the next one from leaving, making them a resource you cannot overlook.

In the following, we’ll dig into exactly why you need a strategy for churning customers and how you can start working with lost customers.

Why Is It Important to Address Lost Customers?

First, let’s take a look at why addressing the part of the customer base that fires us is so important…

Image by TESLA

A case study of TESLA

Many companies fill the Business Model Canvas out as a checklist and pay no attention to how it is evolving. What you really want to understand is what is your business model story and is it superior to your competitors’? A business model is only a snapshot of your company’s current situation and businesses should constantly evolve and adjust it.

TESLA have managed to compete beyond products and compete on business models instead, which have made them the fastest growing car brand of all time. Initially TESLA’s key activity was product innovation, where they had…

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